Brand Ready to fish_ is the prêt-a-porter by Dutch designer Ilja Visser, Ilja Visser Group founded in 2006 in Amsterdam. Collections are surprising, yet recognizable thanks to its innovative approach to fashion, very feminine and modern with characteristic elements of contrasts and asymmetrical silhouettes. To ensure the highest quality there are always selected only the best fabrics and knits and each piece is manufactured with the precision and great attention given to the details. The concept of the Ready to fish_ brand communicating not only through the women's fashion, but also through music. Each season creates Ready to fish_ compilation of the electronic music, which is always based on and inspired by the collection. This music expresses the sound of the Ready to fish_ collection.



HIPANEMA was born from after two Parisian girls met in Rio. The two young Parisian blondes inspired by colors den on their travels made the perfect decision to bring back home some of that glamour from Brasilia in their suitcases. All the women likes, the pearls, seashells and multicolored, the bracelets from HIPANEMA come in different  models. The ribbons from Bahia mix with the legendary Copacabana bracelets and the quartz stones with various seashells.
These cuffs can be worn double or triple. To make it even more cheerful bracelets can be worn double o triple.
Pláštěnky RAINS pochází z deštivého Dánska na okraji evropského kontinentu, v těsné blízkosti oceánu s převládajícími západními větry.
I v těchto nepříznivých povětrnostních podmínkách je možné, aby jak rychlá přeháňka, tak i náladový deštíček může být krásný zážitek, ale v první řadě musíte zůstat v suchu v dokonalém spojení se správným oblečením. Právě dánská značka pláštěnek RAINS se zaměřuje na tyto jedinečné zážitky za deštivých dnů. 



Before the year 2004, Caterina Mariani produced jewelry only for herself and her friends and just for pleasure, but within a few years she became the designer with a huge talent. All her jewelry has its own history, its own stunning dynamics. It is designed by her ideas and each piece is made by her hands using a variety of materials such as brass, resin, glass and Swarovski crystals. Caterina Mariani's aim is to satisfy her obsession ... The Jewelry! These design unique gems should not be missing in any modern woman's jewelry box.